More best ads of 2015: F&B for Volvo, WCRS’ Muppets

If we had a European agency of the Year award, which we don’t but we might have next year, Sweden’s Forsman & Bodenfors would be a strong contender. Actually it would be a strong contender for best agency in the world, which isn’t bad for Gothenburg. Other European contenders would be BETC Paris and Ogilvy Paris.

Why not? Lack of information really, sure there are other good ones we don’t know about. Maybe next…

Anyway, earlier in the year F&B produced this epic – Vintersaga – for Volvo. We gave it 8.5, which seems a bit curmudgeonly as the year closed with a spate of nines. But they get four minutes (which most brands don’t) and they’ve done a number of variations on this theme..

The sub-titles actually detract from it but it’s a nine really isn’t it?

Back to home and WCRS’ ‘Muppets’ opus for Warburtons got an eight. But, for many professionals, it’s the best Christmas ad they’ve seen so far.

Don’t think it’s that – still ‘Mog’ for me – but deserves another point.

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