Joint’s traditional route for Amazon Prime pays off

RKCR/Y&R has suffered from breakaways more than any other big London agency, most notably adam&eve but also Joint. Joint hasn’t ripped away business like A&E has (Virgin Atlantic, Lloyds to name but two) but, judging by its performance, boasts some skills that Y&R has found hard to replace.

This is clear to see in its work for TSB, presumably aided by years toiling on Lloyds at Y&R, and now for Amazon Prime. It seems to specialise in grown up, engaging and economical ads, which remains a compelling calling card for clients.

The latest for Amazon Prime, ‘Friends’ promoting its next day service, features a Shetland pony, excluded from the group by bigger equine specimens. Horse fans will know that Shetlands, fearsome little creatures, wouldn’t stand for this but become the leader of the pack in no time, but never mind.

This is another in a very good campaign and you don’t see that many of those these days. Amazon, with its seemingly limitless coffers, seems happy to take the trad route.

MAA creative scale: 8.


A true horse fan in Soho writes:

I don’t think the Amazon ad features a shetland. It’s actually a dwarf Falabella which technically makes it the smallest horse in the world (Falabella’s are horses, not ponies. Don’t ask…)

I’m glad I can clear this issue up in adland today.

Tally ho!

Shows how much we know, which won’t surprise this particular horse fan…

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