US PC giants unveil $70m joint marketing drive

Dell, Lenovo, HP, chip supplier Intel and Microsoft are combining for a new $70m campaign ‘PC does whaat?’ aiming to show that these largely unloved devices are actually pretty good. There’s a new generation of Intel chips coming out alongside Microsoft’s Windows 10 so the aim is to get PC users to upgrade as well as pick up any refugees from Apple.

Intel agency Mcgarrybowen won the task ahead of the others companies’ agency partners.

It’s been rubbished by geeks but it’s not really aimed at them.

Actually it’s not a bad effort considering the nature of such consortia, the first three being fierce rivals in a struggling market.

There’s still something clunky about PCs though. This doesn’t really overcome that although the one with the bell hop sliding a PC under the door comes closest.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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