It’s Bond, Bond and more Bond…but does shaving with Gillette really bring out the 007 in you?

Has there ever been more pre-release hoopla for a film than the new James Bond effort, SPECTRE, due to premiere next Monday?

Good for them I suppose, I don’t expect they’ve paid for all this stuff, but won’t we all be a bit fed up with it when it eventually arrives?

I watched the last bit of Quantum of Solace last night – brilliantly executed but, underneath it all, the usual shoot-em-up live action video game. I know Daniel Craig somehow manages to look caring and sharing, just the man to save the world even when he’s depopulating large parts of it. And Judi Dench provides a good turn, as usual. But it’s all tosh.

Anyway, enough of that. Well not quite – here’s even more tosh, this time courtesy of Grey New York for Gillette. Using some not-as-profound-as-they-sound observations from Bond author Ian Fleming.

I’m sure they had fun making it but…

MAA creative scale: 3.

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