72andSunny finds Trumpish topical twist for old Carl’s Jr

Oral gratification of one sort or another plays a part in many food ads – fair enough – although there’s sometimes more of the other. Cadbury’s Flake (below) being a celebrated example from the mists of UK ad history.

Carl’s Jr. burgers in the US have been rattling cages for years now and with 72andSunny on the case they’re still at it, as my friend George Parker notes.

This new one for the Tex Mex Thickburger (yikes) features the fence ‘twixt Texas and Mexico that Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump says he wants to turn into a wall. So politics as well.

And here’s Carl’s Jr’s rich advertising heritage.

That’s Prince Harry in number three isn’t it?

Here’s one featuring the distressingly gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski and someone else.

So what does all this prove? Um..

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