Forsman & Bodenfors makes recycling fun for H&M

What is is about Forsman & Bodenfors? Have they some secret mine of ‘Big Data’ that enables their computers to churn out brilliant ads? Or are they just very good at what they do? Including creating global ads that work, without the ‘benefit’ of a global network.

I met either F or B once (can’t remember which, it was at D&AD) and he seemed perfectly normal. Weird.

Here’s ‘Close the Loop’ for fashion giant H&M, closing the loop being a fancy name for recycling stuff, in this case clothes. Could have been another rather worthy ‘let’s all be good to the planet’ opus but it isn’t, not least thanks to a voiceover from Iggy Pop, who also makes a fleeting and inimitable appearance. The boy (who can be heard on Friday evenings on Radio 6) is in danger of becoming a global treasure.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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