Anomaly’s ‘I Am Train’ for Trainline shows rail travel reality – is this entirely wise?

Go-go agency Anomaly has won the Trainline business – the website that tells you how to navigate the UK’s collapsing train network – and Trainline is launching a new app to provide further assistance.

So here we have ‘I Am Train,’ a passenger, clearly in need of medical treatment, who creams through a ghastly crowded station, finds the place on the platform right by the doors (obviously it’s not ladies first any more) and pays less, because he books in advance.

Leaving all the other accurately depicted ghastliness aside, ‘I Am Train’ is obviously surrounded by commuters and you can’t book peak time commuter route tickets in advance.

Striving for honesty in ads is a great thing but this backfires somewhat, methinks.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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