W+K London wins Action for Children charity

AFC_LOGO_10PCWieden+Kennedy London has been appointed lead creative agency for UK charity Action for Children. Action for Children was founded in 1869 by Methodist minister Thomas Bowman Stephenson. It works in local communities to protect and support young people as they grow up.

The charity’s services include children’s centres, intensive family support, fostering and adoption services and assistance for disabled children and their families.

Action for Children head of brand and marketing Sheona Michie says: “Wieden+Kennedy have a formidable track record for unleashing the potential in the brands they work with. We look forward to developing a successful partnership that will help us reach out to more children across the UK.”

W+K senior creative director (that’s a new one) Kim Papworth says: “Action for Children continue to make an enormous contribution to helping children in thiscountry. To be asked to work with them is a real honour.

Charities are quite a battleground these days but Action for Children’s profile has been low, to put it mildly. It will be interesting to see if it can find the budget to compete with the better-knowmn players.

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