Virgin Money boosts charity marathon runners with m/SIX Stephen Fry campaign

Virgin Money is sponsoring the London Marathon on April 26 (hope it warms up a bit or they’ll all be running in fleeces) and it’s signed up man-about-absolutely-everywhere Stephen Fry to front personalised fund-raising appeals (many of the runners in the marathon are dressed like ducks and things in some good cause or another).

Fry, who is also president of mental health charity Mind, donated his time to record names, locations, charities and events for Virgin Money Giving, enabling the creation of, which allows users to choose from a huge number of combinations to generate and share their own humorous, tailored fundraising video.

The campaign is a collaboration between Virgin Money Giving and CHI media agency m/SIX.

Fry says: “Running 26 miles and 385 yards is an arduous feat of endurance and thousands of brave souls put themselves through untold pain just to raise money for charity. These personalised videos may just take a bit of the load off their fundraising endeavours.”

M/SIX CEO Jess Burley says: “Working with Virgin Money Giving, (digital producer) MediaMonks and Stephen Fry on this technically ambitious and extremely worthy project has been a delight. We’re very proud to have been involved in creating something which will help thousands of runners raise millions more, more creatively, for charity.”

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