Len Sirowitz reminds us of the genius of DDB

My thanks to Adscam’s George Parker for reminding me how brilliant Dave Dye’s blog Stuff From The Loft is. In this piece Dave speaks to Len Sirowitz, one of the top art directors at Doyle Dane Bernbach in the 1960s. And pretty impressive he is.

The piece includes the biggest collection of DDB work from that era I’ve seen, not just the famous Volkswagen ‘Lemon’ campaign (below, by Helmut Krone and writer Julian Koenig) but others too: brilliant public service ads, amazing work for Mobil and some for Sony too.

Here’s Sirowitz for Swissair – very Mad Men in its way but with class.

Back in 1966 DDB seemed able to foretell the future.

And a shocker, deliberately so, for Mobil.

If you look at the whole collection (link above) you do wonder: have these ever been bettered?

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