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Google takes aim at mobile with Google Nova plans

IMG_5684Google badly needs a new idea – or a new idea that actually works.

Its search business is gradually losing its massive dominance – although this process clearly has a long way to go – as more searches move from desktops to social media. Google Glass has been a complete flopperoo.

Android has been a huge success although its foray into handsets with Motorola was another own goal. So what’s it trying to do next?

Google Nova, it seems, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), rather like GiffGaff. Google has already struck deals with Sprint and T-Mobile in the US to use their networks and the plan seems to be to build this network of connections into a service that allows users access to the best mobile signals wherever they are. With messaging this would be the equivalent of a mobile-specified Google Mail.

Will it work? Probably. Why should mobile operators let Google eat their lunch? Harder to answer but they probably have no choice under competition rules.

Where’s the revenue coming from? Harder still. But Facebook now makes oodles of money from mobile and Google clearly wants some of it.

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