AMV creates winning tea bag world for Twinings

AMV BBDO has been running a charming, if a bit fey, campaign for Twinings Tea for a while now, majoring on Earl Grey.

Now Breakfast Tea is taking centre stage with a new campaign, ‘Drink It All In,’ positing a world made entirely of tea bags (including those annoying strings that get wrapped around your tea spoon).

And it’s no ordinary bit of animation. Animation directing duo Parabella made the set from actual Twinings tea bags, using a multi-plane animation technique pioneered by Walt Disney in the 1930s it seems. With modern digital bells and whistles too.

Anyway it looks and sounds very nice and Eetalian. Quite fancy her too (whoops, that’s sexist).

Twinings marketing director Heather Hartridge says, ‘Drink It All In’ aims to build on the success of Twinings’ previous above the line campaign ‘Gets You Back To You’. The development of the advert has been a dedicated process which has resulted in a truly unique look and feel.

“Our aim is to bring to life the idea that little things can have a big impact on their day; from English Breakfast to English Afternoon, Twinings offers such a broad range that there is something perfect to enjoy whatever the time.”

AMV BBDO seems better than ever these days. Which is no mean achievement, given its illustrious history.

MAA creative scale: 7

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