Adidas debuts another load of old tosh for ‘Sport 15’

Adidas is running a new campaign for something called ‘Sport 15’ through 180 LA, which is usually a pretty serviceable agency.

But it’s complete crap. Now most sports ads in recent years have been so; Nike’s celebrated ‘Write The Future’ ad had its moments (it went on for long enough) but what did it mean? Zillions of people shared it over YouTube and the like but it still didn’t actually say anything (in the old days this used to be called a reason to buy).

Seems that football has abandoned any grip on reality. But with Premier League bench-warmers about to earn £10m a year thanks to Sky and BT’s new £5bn broadcast deal, maybe it’s right to do so.

Nike’s got Wayne Rooney. Adidas has Lionel Messi (Leo must have appeared in more ads than he’s taken corners in recent years, he’s better at corners).

MAA creative scale 0.5 (at least they spelt the client’s name right).


Seems this is the latest internet rave with millions of hits everywhere. What do we know?

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