Innocean’s new Kia campaign puts customers first – which is pretty radical for a car company

As the world’s auto show season gets underway – in Detroit and, last week, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – it’s clear that, for many people, cars have become a fashion accessory/gadget. The CES turnout testifies to this.

Also more people are leasing rather than buying them; trading them in as you would a phone after a couple of years.

So Kia, via in-house agency Innocean is taking this particular bull by the horns in its new UK campaign: ‘You Make Us Make Better Cars.’

Pretty unusual for a car company to pay attention to what its customers actually want (assuming these bods reflect that) rather than what it thinks they want (hard-driving sporty numbers that leave you with an aching bum).

On the newly-minted MAA creative scale: 6.

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