Kia’s Sportage lights up dismal car ads

Is one reason Korean cars seem to be taking over the world the fact that their ads don’t (usually) include the kind of pompous bullshit their European rivals are so keen on?

You know, telling us that buying an EV is a form of modish self-expression rather than a transport choice.

Anyway, Innocean UK is back on the road for Kia’s best-selling Sportage with a campaign uniting the customary running footage with a firefly trying to emulate a gaggle, sorry murmuration, of starlings. Directed by Lee J Ford for Twice Pictures.

Kia marketing director Sanka De Silva says: “The Sportage is our most well-known and iconic model, so creating an advert that amplifies our brand values, showcases the design cues and interior were extremely important to us. We envisioned an inspirational story, that would highlight the Sportage in all its glory. The team at Innocean UK delivered on the brief and really brought that vision to life.”

Funny headlights but that’s partly the point of course.


MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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