Is the UK’s ad of the year Mother’s ‘Beds’ epic for IKEA?

We’ve been asking various creativos and others to pick their best ads of 2014 and the most regular scorer so far is Mother’s ‘Beds’ for IKEA.

Adam&eve’s James Murphy said it was so good it made him want to cry. Generous of James as his agency’s latest Christmas winner for John Lewis has also been a popular choice.

Here’s ‘Beds.’

It’s pure class (and credit to IKEA which is a brave and adventurous advertiser).

We noted in July: “This is in the Sony ‘Balls’ league” (after the Fallon ad a few years ago that won every award going). Lots of people demurred, but that judgement stands.

PS. Memo to future contributors, don’t feel you have to avoid this ‘cos others have chosen it, just pick the best ads of 2014.

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