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Facebook to launch business challenge to Linkedin

Facebook is close to unveiling a rival to business networking site Linkedin according to a report in the FT.

Facebook-being-used-in-th-007The new site, or add-on to Facebook’s site, has the working title of ‘Facebook At Work’ although it’s likely that the social media giant will produce something punchier. Engineers, in London as well as California, are putting the finishing touches to the site, which is an adaptation of an internal site already used by Facebook.

Linkedin, which has 90m regular users a month, has so far seen off attempts by Google and Microsoft to trespass on its patch. Facebook, with 1.35bn users globally, is hoping that business users will use the site for confidential business purposes rather than just to show their selfies; quite a cheeky proposition considering that Facebook has been pilloried over its short history for security/privacy leakages.

But, with its tidal wave of cash showing few signs of abating, Facebook has the resources to make life extremely difficult for Linkedin and other business network sites.

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