AMV/BBDO in epic mode again – this time for Fedex

AMV/BBDO is finishing 2014 with a strong run – must be the prospect of all those ‘Agency of the Year’ gongs being contested – and it’s produced another epic, this time for parcels firm FedEx.

The film, another example of a commercial morphing into ‘content,’ shows the long journey made by a Caribbean hot pepper sauce. It has its longeurs – yes, you bottle it and put it on a plane – but perks up when the fiery brew is uncorked.

AMV, of course, is most famous just now for its Sainsbury’s ‘Christmas Is For Sharing’ Great War epic with some critics saying this is too important an issue to be used to promote a supermarket. Sainsbury’s must be wishing it had made the Royal British Legion fund-raising through sales of the featured chocolate bar more apparent in the original cut. Although it won’t be displeased by the vast media attention – Mail Online devoted reams to it the other day.

We’ll be hearing soon, no doubt, about the squillions raised for the Legion.

FedEx is hardly going to have the same sort of impact – nor is it intended to. But it shows how films are taking over from commercials at the upper end of the creative scale.

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