Halloween’s Silenced night

Never let it be said that MAA is too po-faced to enter into the spirit of the occasion. Here for your delight is the season’s spookiest Hallowe’en ad, as measured by YouTube hits (nearly 23 million). Produced by SuperHeroes for LG UK, essentially it’s a prank highlighting the retina-quality verisimilitude of the electronics company’s monitor range. Admittedly scary for those stepping inside the lift, this Candid Camera stuff doesn’t quite hit the Hallowe’en spot, we feel:

So, we’ve picked an alternative. In the best possible taste, you’ll understand. But truer to the ghoulish gorefest trimmings. In fact, so close it’s hard to tell that this little beaut’ from SilencerCo (est. Utah, USA, 2008) is actually an ad:

Only from the Land of the Second Amendment and the Columbine High School massacre, eh? Happy Hallowe’en.

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