New everreach film shows how Mark Denton made it

Well this is an intriguing film, ‘The Big Call,’ from Spanish phone giant Telefonica’s everreach answering service. Showing how important not missing a phone call can be in business.

Telefonica claims doing so costs small businesses an average of £26,725 a year.

The film features entrepreneurs Charlie Mullins, the millionaire boss of Pimlico Plumbers in his swanky motor, Jo Malone of fragrance business Jo Loves and adland’s Mark Denton, who now runs agency cum production company Coy! Communications.

And what made Mark’s career (apart from a consultation with his clairvoyant)? Why, a phone call from “some account bloke I’d never ‘eard of” – who just happens to be our very own Paul Simons, then in the process of setting up Simons Palmer Denton Clenmow and Johnson, one of the most successful creative agencies of its era.

Everreach CEO Nick Mullen says: “There has never been a better time to launch and grow a small business in the UK. Recent legislation such as the Home Business initiative makes it easier to start a business and technology services like everreach help micro businesses manage their calls and grow into big businesses.

“Charlie Mullins, Jo Malone and Mark Denton can all trace their success back to a single phone call so hopefully their stories will inspire small businesses to take control of their calls as you never know when a big one will ring in.”

The Big Call was directed by BAFTA-nominated Gary Tarn.

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