TBWA recovers its mojo for Apple iPhone

By common consent Samsung has been winning the mobile ad wars over Apple recently – most notably with its sniping campaigns from 72andSunny in the US – but Apple now seems to be winning the marketing war.

Samsung recently reported disappointing numbers whereas the iPhone seems to be sweeping all before it even before its supposed new blockbuster ‘6’ emerges in September.

But Apple agency TBWA Media Arts Lab seems to have recovered its mojo too – although rumours persist that Apple will review the account or move more of it in-house (the likeliest option).

So here’s Apple’s latest, ‘When I Grow Up.’

How can you not have one? You or your horse might fail, leave that fantastic potential that the world’s biggest advertisers are telling you you’ve got unfulfilled or even die.

This might be seen as leading the world up the garden path, of course. But it seems to work.

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