FCB sets off in search of Levi’s glory days

This is quite interesting, the first work I’m aware of since Levi’s shifted its account from Wieden+Kennedy to FCB – in this case FCB San Francisco.

The account outside the US Chose Richard Pinder’s The House World Wide which has now been bought by MDC’s Crispin Porter – so it will be interesting to see what happens to that too. I expect FCB is on the case.

Anyway, FCB has departed radically from W+K’s rather gloomy ‘Americana’ theme with lots of bright young things (and a few bright old things – because they seem to be the people who buy Levi’s these days) plus a bit of nifty branding – ‘Live In Levi’s – at the end.

Levi’s has produced some great advertising down the years, from BBH in the UK and this effort, directed by Adrian Lyne for McCann, from even further back.

FCB’s effort isn’t great advertising by any definition – but at least it shows some signs of life and will keep the client happy. Can Levi’s ever recapture its glory days?

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