Gunn Report chooses its runners and riders for Cannes

The Gunn Report has come up with its runners and riders in its annual ‘sweepstake’ list of the more likely contenders for the Film Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes.

And here it is. You can see all the ads there too.

There’s nothing in the list that really grabs you – but maybe that’s a good thing: maybe the standard as a whole is high.

Well we’ll see. One thing that strikes you is that a big proportion are not good old brands; ads made by the clients who’ll be flocking to Cannes to find out what they should be doing better.

We hesitate to invite the organisers to launch more bloody awards but maybe one for brands and another for NGOs and the like might make more sense.

We’ve invited some of our reader luminaries to suggest their own picks for this year. That’ll start tomorrow.

Maybe Adam&Eve/DDB’s ‘Bear and Hare’ for John Lewis is a dark horse. It wears quite well.

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