Coca-Cola, ANZ and Nivea triumph in off-the wall Cannes choices in media, outdoor and mobile

Cannes 2014: Coca-Cola and McCann Lima won the Media Grand Prix for this campaign trying to make Peruvians more happy. Search me guv, but I’m sure it ticked all the boxes. How do you pick the best media campaign? A Dominos poster on Kim Kardashian’s bum?

Last year the Media awards provoked a huge spat ‘twixt WPP and Omnicom; no such rumbles yet.

And another off-the-wall award went to Australia’s Whybin/TBWA for its campaign for FabulousGAYTM (below) a rebranding of ANZ bank’s ATMs for the Sydney gay and lesbian festival.

Well OK, but what would an advertiser spending zillions a year on outdoor learn from this? Maybe these jurors spend too long in a darkened room.

And the Mobile Grand Prix, important as mobile is the go-go business these days, went to FCB Sao Paolo for its ‘The Protection Ad’ for Nivea, which allows you to track your elusive offspring, via an app, as they go walkabout on the beach. Actually, and we’re talking Brazil here, it could be an errant boyfriend or girlfriend too.

How worrying is that?

Anyway, it seems a good idea although there are still some sceptics about entries from Brazil, like my friend George Parker of Adscam fame, who think the Brazilians concoct these things just for awards events. Apparently this promotion ran in Veja Rio magazine. Whose circulation I could not guess at.

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