Are ‘Sound of Honda’ and Volvo’s ‘Epic Splits’ the top prizes front runners at Cannes?

Cannes is almost upon us and the winner predictions are coming thick and fast.

Tech company Decoded thinks it’s invented an algorithm that predicts the winners and Ogilvy South Africa’s Chris Gotz, writing in the themediaonline, says that Dentsu’s ‘Sound of Honda/1989′ for Honda’s Internavi navigation system will win everything in the first half of the week while Forsman Bodenfors’ ‘Epic Splits’ for Volvo will win the Film Grand Prix.

Here’s Honda:

Not sure about this one, clever though it is. Don’t you have to a committed Ayrton Senna fan/petrolhead? I know there are a of of them.

And here’s Jean-Claude Van Damme putting his manhood to the test:

Could be right there.

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