UKIP’s PPB howler kicks off bruising election season

For once British PM David Cameron got it right when he described anti-immigation political party UKIP as stuffed full of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists.”

Now, of course, UKIP is destined to get its own back by trouncing Cameron’s Tories in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament (which UKIP doesn’t support but which pays for most of its activities).

And some of the aforementioned closet racists are still about, out of the closet. One of the stars of this UKIP party political broadcast is builder Andrew Lampitt, who hails originally from Zimbabwe (doesn’t that make him an immigrant too? Although he’d no doubt call it Rhodesia). Lampitt, it’s emerged, has had his Twitter account suspended for suggested that all Muslims are evil and Africans should stay in Africa where they can kill themselves without bothering the rest of us.

A bit later the ad also features UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s fragrant assistant who’s also found herself in the news over some unfortunate photos doing the rounds of Fleet Street’s downmarket tabloids.

Well, you pays your money and….

The next British General election is due in May 2015. UKIP, although it does well in European elections doesn’t currently have any MPs at Westminster although it’s getting closer.

So with UKIP’s rather unpleasant message made crystal clear and the Tories and Labour choosing overseas political bruisers to mastermind their campaigns (Lynton Crosby from Oz and David Axelrod from the US respectively) to shape their campaigns, it looks as though we’re all in for a bruising time.

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