Google ECD Ian Tait returns to the Wieden+Kennedy fold

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Ian Tait departed Wieden+Kennedy Portland to become ECD of Google Creative Lab, a move that alarmed some of Google’s agencies as it looked as though the long-awaited in-house Googe creative agency was about to be fully formed.

But now Tait (left)speakers_iain_tait, who co-founded London digital agency Poke in 2001, is returning to W+K, this time replacing London ECD Kim Papworth, who has led the agency’s creative department for years alongside co-ECD Tony Davidson. Papworth is staying with the agency in a senior creative role.

W+K global ECD Colleen DeCourcy says: “Tony and Iain’s partnership… is evidence of the way W+K continues to evolve. Bringing Iain’s talent back into the fold helps us reach our goal of providing real leadership to creatives who work with technology, full stop. Flying in the face of industry claims that Silicon Valley is stealing our best talent, it would seem that we are more than holding our own.”

Tait says: “I’m really thrilled to re-join the W+K family. Especially to be part of the London office with shedloads of amazing talent, great clients, positive momentum, and Tony Davidson. Plus, being back in a land where I can say things like ‘shedloads’ without getting puzzled looks is quite nice too.”

Well that all sounds very nice. Wonder what really happened at Google HQ?

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