Engine’s Jam on its bike for Tesco, McCann does the warm-up for Cannes, winning-wise it has to be Bell’s

***Here’s an interesting ad for Tesco Mobile from Jam, Engine Group’s social cum digital agency. Is that bloke famous? Dunno. Anyway it’s lively stuff. I’d be a bit wary if Engine got into a bit of my ad account.


***McCann London has produced a diverting number to plug the forthcoming Cannes Lions, featuring various ad luminaries in stock photo format. Here’s one.

No idea who they are – Andrew Robertson? – but it’s the thought that counts.


***Doubt that I’ll be going to Cannes but I’ll have my spies there (who may well be pissed PR executives weaving between over-priced bottles of rose on the Croisette – hope they don’t read this). Who’s gonna win? This is the best ad I’ve seen this past year – for quite a few years, actually (ignore the boring screen shot).


***Played this before I think, but it’s such a generous tune. Have a nice weekend.

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