Ad Week Europe better than Cannes? Pull the…

The final verdict on Advertising Week Europe will have to wait (and I’m not the person to give it ‘cos I haven’t been there).

imagesCampaign and The Drum have striven manfully to make it sound interesting but, alas, have failed. This is surely because a huge talking shop just isn’t that interesting these days.

Sir Martin Sorrell on the current state of play with his ‘frenemy’ Google? David Droga on the need for ‘bravery’ in advertising? Big names sure, but the same old message.

Campaign had an instructive poll on its AWE website inviting people to say whether or not AWE could take over from Cannes as the best of the fests. No, I didn’t either. But of those who did 71 per cent (as of today) said ‘No chance.’ Which won’t surprise anyone.

Cannes is the biggie it is because it has the most highly sought-after awards (and some sun). Awards mean something. Hearing more of what you probably know already (although Cannes has plenty of that too these days) isn’t the same thing at all.

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