Newcastle Brown and Droga5 spoof the Super Bowl

Pity poor Droga5 and its cash-strapped client Newcastle Brown, a plucky beer brewed in England’s also cash-strapped north east.

They had all these good ideas for an ad on the Super Bowl (a week on Sunday) but lacked just one thing: the $4m or so ‘marketing mega-budget’ required to buy a spot in the raucous adfest.

So they’ve been telling the sad tale to people online:

And outlining the ‘all cliches firing’ ad they’re missing:

Which is a neat conceit. Actually Newcastle Brown is owned by Heineken (which can probably rustle up a few million dollars) and. to add insult to Geordie injury, is now brewed in Tadcaster in neighbouring Yorkshire, a placed famed for entirely different beers to the sticky-sweetish and potent Newky Brown. Readers of a certain age may recall John Webster’s great ads for Tadcaster’s John Smiths Bitter.

But it gets Super Bowl preview week off to an amusing – and cost-effective no doubt – start.

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