Karmarama launches BBC World War One package

London agency Karmarama is off into the trenches with a film to launch the BBC’s collection of programmes marking the centenary of World War One in 1914, the one that was supposed to be over by Christmas.

The 1914-18 conflict (for some countries it went on for longer than that) is still sparking controversy: were the British generals really useless ‘donkeys’; was it all the fault of mad monarchs from Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia combined with crazy Serbs (that’s the way it started) and, once the monarchs had been got rid of, why did the politicians muck up the peace treaty so badly, sowing the seeds of the even more destructive World War Two and, courtesy of the British and French, the current problems in the Middle East?

Karmarama concentrates on the suffering of the troops, the ‘home front’ and a few sad-looking politicians in their film, no doubt wisely.

Can’t really understand why the cash-strapped BBC, which is stuffed with programme makers, can’t do these things itself – but there you go.

I also see that Karmarama planning director Matt Sadler (why are so many planning directors called Matt?) and six of his chums from the agency have started a company called Two Fingers Brewing to launch a craft beer, Aurelio, the profits of which will go to prostate cancer research.

Which is a neat idea: drink more and do good – that’s the spirit.

Aurelio will cost you £1.89 for a 330ml bottle at Tesco.

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