Samsung unveils star-studded Galaxy football team

Football these days is like an irrepressible juggernaut, rolling over everything in its path (this is not a dig at Spurs supporters although it could well be).

Now Samsung and agency Cheil Worldwide have hopped on the bandwagon with ‘Samsung 11’, a team of top soccer stars hand-picked (by Franz Beckenbauer it seems) to defend earth from alien invaders in a football match somewhere in space. Here’s the first instalment, presumably of many. God knows what the budget is; Samsung’s $5bn marketing expenditure has probably doubled.

Seems to be ten strikers and a goalkeeper to me, including some, such as Landon Donovan and Aleksandr Kershakov (no, he isn’t a meerkat) who are hardly household names. But they come from the right places (US and Russia).

Wayne Rooney’s in there though. Wayne may not be quite one of the best forwards on the planet but he’s probably the best actor among them. Maybe he could give captain Lionel Messi a few much-needed tips.

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