Now Ballantine’s joins the whisky rush to TV via M&C

The other day we had Diageo’s Johnnie Walker Red Label making a foray into Game Of Thrones territory in a bid to attract younger drinkers (still don’t get that one) and today we have Ballantine’s (owned by Pernod Ricard of all people) and M&C Saatchi inviting us Stay True:Leave an Impression.

With a nod to Cadbury’s famous ‘Gorilla’ obviously. But at least it grabs the bull by the horns, so to speak, by showing a young person.

It’s difficult for spirits marketers, of course, because you can’t say it tastes nice/gets you pissed and/or laid. So this is a pretty respectable effort.

Unknown-5Wonder why booze marketers are going back on the telly? The Red Label advertising is its first on British TV for 50 years apparently. Are Far Eastern markets slowing down? Younger drinkers with the dosh are certainly migrating to drinks like the new generation of designer drinks and vodkas.

Is good old telly the answer?

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