Vintage Route 66 Levi’s commercial from Adrian Lyne is an object lesson in how to create a great ad

Desert Island Ads here is an always an illuminating experience and sometimes you come across something you hadn’t seen and think: that’s just great.

Michael Lee’s recent DIA selection was interesting all the way through and he kicked it off with this ‘Route 66’ ad for Levi’s by Adrian Lyne from 1976. And it’s fantastic; just what all those happy, clappy mobile and tablet ads are trying (and failing) to do now.

Why? Because it tells a story (including lovely be-Levi’d girls, saucy hints of a threesome and wonderful music – played straight).

It seems to have been authored by Roger Manton for McCann. Sure I met him back in the day – get in touch Rog.

Also there’s a YouTube comment saying that Aimee, the curly-haired one I think, has died.

Well that’s a big shame. But these things live on.

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