Girls forge ahead in new Nike global campaign from Wieden+Kennedy London

It’s funny how, after about three thousand years, the world (i.e. the males) is waking up to the fact that women can do male-type things as well as blokes can (as well as giving birth and looking sexy, which most males can’t).

So ultimate heavy-sweaty brand Nike is acknowledging the fact with this perky campaign from W+K London (‘perky’ is our new mid-market description for ads – means good, on-brief, not amazing but keeps you in business).

I went up to our local shop the other Sunday morning to buy the papers (some of us still do) and this young woman raced up behind me at a hell of a lick, stopped in the shop to buy some things for breakfast (eggs and black pudding I hope but probably not) and then raced back down the street again to – I know not where. Too fast for me.

But that’s your zeitgeist in’it?

Which this campaign rather captures.

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