Sky’s Telling Stelling ad from WCRS is an own goal

Doubt that this new ad, ‘Telling Stelling,’ (and this campaign) works.

Sky is lining up every celebrity in sight to sell its cocktail of digital services (obviously it would like you to buy all of them) and this time it’s turned to one of its own, Soccer Saturday host Jeff Stelling.

The previous one in this campaign from WCRS featured Bruce Willis (also attired, for some mysterious reason, in a bath robe) so Jeff, once a humble football writer from Hartlepool, is playing in the Premier League.

I yield to no-one in my admiration for the way Stelling hosts a five-hour Saturday marathon that, somehow or other, manages to make four ex-footballers watching live games on TV (which we can’t see) interesting and fun. You only have to compare it to the BBC’s copycat version (the BBC is always copying Sky, embarrassingly) which is like watching paint dry.

But old Jeff comes over here as a bit of a prat (a fate Bruce Willis is world class at avoiding) and not much else.

He can no doubt expect some leg-pulling and worse (footballers are rather good at that) from the likes of Matt Le Tissier when he resumes his day job.

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