Emmy ad shortlist shows a shortage of creativity

The US Emmy Awards celebrate the best programmes and performances in TV and, inevitably, they’ve added ads.

For the last four years the ad award has gone to Wieden+Kennedy for undoubted top of the range stuff for the likes of Chrysler and Old Spice.

This year’s top four, according to Adweek, are ads for Nike (W+K), Grey Poupon mustard (Crispin Porter), Google Chrome (from BBH New York) and Canon from Grey.

In truth, none of these are great ads or even close to it.

They might be efficient, even likeable, pieces of advertising but, my, how standards have slipped.

Maybe CP’s Grey Poupon should win, ‘cos it’s mad. But it starts off as another tired piss-take of an English gent and is only really rescued by lots of CGI madness at the end.

Is Dijon mustard really that posh in the US of A?

Poor show by the Emmys. But then they also give awards to the likes of absurd British pot-boiler Downton Abbey.

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