Now Dollar Shave Club’s Michael Dubin launches One Wipe Charlies – butt wipes for men

Everybody’s favourite (and funniest) client, Michael Dubin of Dollar Shave Club, is back with a new video for a new product – One Wipe Charlies, ‘butt wipes for men.’

As Michael says, you don’t have time to hang around with ordinary products, you’re an executive now. And not a bear in the woods. Probably best to let him explain.

All very amusing, let’s hope it works. A company that won’t be very amused is Procter & Gamble, supplier of butt-wiping products to the world. Mike’s Dollar Shave Club has already taken a big bite out of P&G-owned Gillette. And butt wipes, loo rolls, call them what you will, comprise twice as big a market as shaving products.

Be interesting to see how many women buy One Wipe Charlies too.

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