Cannes: It’s been a bit short on star guests but ace photographer Annie Liebowitz is worth celebrating

Cannes hasn’t really had the stars this year: Sean Coombs, aka P.Diddy, the great Lou Reed etc; but nobody on a par with Bill Clinton last year.

One who did turn up was famed photographer Annie Leibowitz, courtesy of Mcgarrybowen. Annie isn’t really an advertising photographer but she’s a bloody good one.

Here she is talking to Adweek:

And here’s one of her great pictures:

Why’s it so good? ‘Cos it makes Angelina Jolie and one of her adopted children look glamorous – and human. Not many people can do that.

In 1980 she took this famous cover for Rolling Stone featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono, shortly before he was killed.

So, at a festival that’s supposed to celebrate creativity and the fearsome craft that goes with the best of it, Ms Liebowitz deserves her sponsored few days in the sun.

Here’s Lennon from Double Fantasy, the album he was plugging when he did his last picture with Annie.

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