Dave Dye, Hugh Baillie and Rachel Hatton team to form new London creative agency Hello People

Former Campbell Doyle Dye founder Dave Dye is teaming with Hugh Baillie and Rachel Hatton to form a new agency called Hello People.

Dye (seated left), who previously worked with planner Hatton at BMP (now DDB), says: “We’re called ‘Hello People’ to remind ourselves that while technology has transformed people’s lives, it hasn’t transformed their psychology.”

Baillie and Hatton were brought in by Ogilvy UK from BBH in 2009 as CEO and group planning director, leaving last year. Although WPP-owned Ogilvy won a number of new accounts in their period there the two were frustrated by the agency’s overriding focus on its key global accounts: BP, American Express, Ford and Unilever which still account for about 90 per cent of its business.

The new agency will be based in Soho Square in the heart of London’s traditional advertising area and is promising ideas based on customers rather than technology. Baillie says: “People are more time pressured than at any point in history. We need to recognize this and create intuitive ideas that help consumers short-cut the buying decision.”

Creative Dye has won numerous awards at agencies including BMP and AMV/BBDO while Baillie was new business boss at BBH as well as working with Hatton on flagship accounts including Audi and Johnnie Walker. BBH founder John Bartle, who retired officially over a decade ago but still plays a key role in adland as everyone’s favourite business uncle, was instrumental in bringing the three together.


  1. Don’t want to be wanky here… Who me?… But London seems to be some kind of boiling cauldron of new agencies. There’s one popping up every bloody week… And they are all formed by people who only a few months previously formed another new agency. Does this mean that because their previous new agency didn’t work out, we should expect the latest iteration to be any better? I’m confused… Time for my third martini.
    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.

  2. Hey George,
    As a fan of your blog I’m aware that you’re rarely accused of having a sunny disposition, but I’m still I’m surprised that you – a self confessed ranter about Big Dumb Agencies (BDA’s) and the current state of our industry, has taken to ranting about the new, smaller ones too.
    I’m genuinely not sure what you’re cross about.
    Too many agencies opening up? I’m surprised there aren’t more , our business is unrecognizable from the one the majority of the people in it first joined.
    Besides, what’s an appropriate amount of start ups per annum?
    Or is it that some of those involved have started agencies before? A kind of one ride per person philosophy.
    It’s a philosophy that would have prevented David Abbott, Peter Mead, George Lois, Dave Trott, John Hegarty, Ed McCabe, Carl Johnson, Frank Lowe and Simon Clemmow starting agencies, and the ones they started wouldn’t be in the BDA category either.
    I’m happy to try and give you a more optimistic view of the London scene if you’ve time, my number is 0771 406 8974.
    Got to go, the sun’s coming out.

  3. Dave…
    Sorry, must have been that third Martini. I wasn’t going on about your shop in particular, which I am sure will be a blinder. It’s probably because I am no longer familiar with the names that are popping up. As you mention David Abbott, Peter Mead, George Lois, Dave Trott, John Hegarty, Ed McCabe, Carl Johnson, Frank Lowe and Simon Clemmow, I am in familiar territory, because these are mostly of my generation. i.e. “Old Farts!” As for “Hello People,” I heartily applaud your statement promising ideas based on customers rather than technology. About bloody time we got back to our knitting. As soon as you’ve got something up, send it to me and I shall do a coruscate AdScam review. Stephen will let you have the Zurich account number. Best of luck. Time for that thrird Martini… Again.

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