TBWA Paris produces an apocalypse for Amnesty

“The arms trade kills 500,000 people a year.Help us regulate it,” says this new campaign from Amnesty International and TBWA Paris.

Some hope you might say, but you can’t blame them for trying.

It’s funny isn’t it, when economic times are good people are very happy indeed to throw bricks at arms traders (who include some of the world’s biggest companies including Britain’s BAE Systems and even Boeing in the US) but when times are bad, like now, we’re supposed to support the evil buggers because it’s all about manufacturing and jobs.

Anyway here are the two striking, rather terrifying images from the campaign, ‘Tornado’ and ‘Tsunami.’

The art director was Mohamed Bareche (take a rise Mohamed) and the copywriter was Daniel Perez with visual wizardry from Salamagica (Watchout).

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