Now it’s girls and boys in space for Axe Apollo

Ah, the best-laid plans…

Axe is advertising for 22 would-be astronauts to promote its new Axe Apollo line.

It started off as an offer for blokes (well it’s Axe) but now two of the top names on its social ‘leader board’ are gals – Justine Ezarik, who is also ‘internet celebrity’ iJustine it seems, and Molly Pfaff, best known for her persona on Tumblr.

The Lynx Space Academy website (Axe is Lynx in the UK and a few other places) still says it’s asking for a few brave men to go to space and come back a hero. The US site is being changed to ‘civilian’ apparently.

Well Axe/Lynx is supposed to be sexy isn’t it so what does it matter if the girls and boys get it on in space?

But you’d think some bright spark at Unilever would have seen this one coming.

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