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Crush and BBDO show balls with testicular cancer ad

This is very good from production company Crush and BBDO in Toronto. Blokes are rotten at checking themselves for cancer (I got a kit from the UK’s NHS for something or other the other day and I couldn’t work out ...

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Lowe Roche unveils adland’s bad habits

This is fun: Canada’s Lowe Roche agency did some deep investigation into the habits of Canadian ad people for its entry to Toronto’s Strategy Agency of the Year awards. And, among the fascinating facts to emerge, were that: Canadian adfolk ...

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Just hope your last ten years don’t look like this

Ads these days seem more concerned with telling/teaching us how to live better than selling something (don’t you rather miss those ones?). But it’s valid enough in this new, highly emotional film ‘What will your last ten years look like?’ ...

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