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Miller Lite joins rush to rubbish social media followers

The way to mark yourself out as a brand is to distance yourself from social media these days it seems -although that hardly accounts for the rise of the dreqded influencers. Here’s Miller Lite from DDB Chicago with our new ...

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System1: who’s winning the Bud Light/Miller Lite ad spat ?

Light beer never gripped the consumer consciousness in the UK in the same way as it did in the US. Over there, light beer ruled the market. Over here, it’s often just the last beer left in the fridge after ...

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US brewing giants take their joust from Super Bowl to court

Been trying to avoid this one – who really cares if certain beers contain corn syrup, or rice perhaps. But brewing rivals MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch clearly do and the former is suing the latter for..hmm…saying Miller Lite contains corn syrup ...

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