US brewing giants take their joust from Super Bowl to court

Been trying to avoid this one – who really cares if certain beers contain corn syrup, or rice perhaps.

But brewing rivals MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch clearly do and the former is suing the latter for..hmm…saying Miller Lite contains corn syrup (which we all thought it did but Miller says it’s removed in the brewing process) while AB (which makes Bud Light) says Miller should be up-front about its ingredients.

This all blew up after AB’s Super Bowl Bud Light ‘Dilly Dilly’ ads which showed the king sending back some unwanted..corn syrup.

So there are two new ads. From Miller (by DDB) suggesting the Wieden+Kennedy agency crew on the Bud Light shoot drink..yes, you’ve guessed it.

And Bud Light from W+K. Already in the can as they were, apparently, anticipating Miller.

Running in tandem to this, Miller is suing AB, demanding it stops its ads and makes new ones correcting “false and misleading” claims. It’s also seeking damages, claiming AB is trying to frighten consumers into switching away from Miller Lite and Coors Lite to Bud Light.

One for Judge Judy perhaps.

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