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Now agencies are under the cosh for allegedly rigging production bids

US government antitrust attorney Rebecca Meiklejohn is leading an investigation into whether big agencies are bullying independent production companies into submitting high bids so they can undercut them and push work into their own (mostly holding company-owned) in-house production and ...

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ANA dispute with agencies worsens as 4A’s goes it alone

the American 4A’s agency trade body is still at loggerheads with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), pulling out of an ANA panel on ‘transparency’ at Advertising Week in New York next week, preferring to do its own thing at ...

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Where’s the missing ANA report into dodgy media?

Where exactly is the US Association of National Advertisers report into undisclosed media rebates and other allegedly murky media agency doings? It was supposed to come out last week and then today – but it hasn’t so far. Now you ...

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