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AMV brings back Martini in ads like wot we used to know

Here’s a breath of fresh air: a new ad from AMV BBDO in Martini’s ‘Play with Time’ campaign, featuring some top of the range Italian totty (one of them’s a video ‘influencer’ but aren’t we all these days, darling) waltzing ...

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&Rosas adds style to Williams Martini Racing

Formula One isn’t exactly renowned for its style, despite the enormous money (and bling) it generates. The Williams F1 team, still hanging in there despite the bigger budgets of some of its competitors, is now sponsored by Martini. Booze company ...

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Is Martini’s new ‘Begin Desire’ campaign the right one?

This is quite good fun: Martini & Rossi (now owned by Bacardi) has been keeping its light under a bushel in recent years, certainly compared to the days when ‘The Right One’ blasted out of TV screens everywhere. But now ...

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