Is Martini’s new ‘Begin Desire’ campaign the right one?

This is quite good fun: Martini & Rossi (now owned by Bacardi) has been keeping its light under a bushel in recent years, certainly compared to the days when ‘The Right One’ blasted out of TV screens everywhere.

But now it’s back with a whopper campaign – #BEGINDESIRE – which, and I quote, “communicates a sense of possibility at the heart of the Martini brand, its Italian roots and the brand’s core values of artisanship, unstudied sophistication and living with passion and authenticity.”

That’s the brief and here’s the ad, from agency Opperman Weiss and director Jake Scott of RSA.

Opperman Weiss is the agency that was hauled in to help Bacardi in the US last year along with former Saatchi exec Lee Daley’s strategy company. Creative director Weiss makes a diverting appearance in this ‘making of’ film. Which also shows that picking up waitresses in bars sometimes works out to everyone’s advantage.

Complete tosh of course, but a frolic in the Eternal City is just the thing to warm those winter nights.

Here’s ‘The Right One’ from the mists of history.

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