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MAA blast from the past: HSBC – ‘Eels’

Seems odd to pick a bank campaign for one of these but Lowe’s work for HSBC ten years or more ago was outstanding – “the world’s local bank.” Then HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) decided, as bankers do, ...

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MAA blast from the past: Stella Artois – ‘pilot’

Stella Artois’ ‘Reassuring Expensive’ campaign by Lowe Howard-Spink kept the brand at the top of the UK tree long after it started to be made in the UK (as opposed to Belgium) and wasn’t that good any more. The campaign, ...

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Robert Jenkins: my MAA blast from the past – John Smith’s

MAA could probably fill a few dozen “Blast from the Past” columns with John Webster commercials but the one that stands out for me is from around 1980 for John Smith’s Bitter. It features the lovely flat-capped Gordon Rollings and ...

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