Olympus is pulling out of cameras: so here’s an MAA blast from the past

Olympus is selling off its camera division after 84 years (it now makes its money from medical equipment) but, in its pre-smartphone heyday, was a famous advertiser – via the great CDP inevitably.

CDP was the expert in lining up celebs and others for its flights of fancy, in this case David Bailey, Phil Daniels and Bryan Pringle, who also adorned Heineken’s famous ‘Water in Majorca.’

It was a great press and poster agency too: Denis Healey and Tony Benn in their ferocious contest for the Labour Party deputy leadership (hard to believe but…) in the 1970s. Healey was a keen photographer.


  1. Such wonderful work – ‘Wedding Photographer’ : writer Mike Everett, art director Paul Smith, director Alan Parker.
    ‘They obviously felt like shooting each other’, writer Alfredo Marcantonio, art director Dave Horry. These will be featured in our forthcoming TV documentary about CDP. A great client – Ian Dickens at Olympus. CDP at its Zenith.
    This work could run today.

  2. Here, here A legendary client,Barry, Graeme and the mighty Ian Dickens. It was a great honour to work on such a great brand

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